Hunt's Harness

Serving the Driving World since 1977, Hunt’s Harness has met the demands of the finest driving establishments where quality conscious individuals have chosen their product to complement their turnouts in competition or pleasure. They continue to maintain a low volume shop with select craftspeople striving to create the finest possible harness. Their quality and service have satisfied customers who in turn are the most honest form of advertising. We at CARRIAGE DRIVING ESSENTIALS are proud to represent the excellent quality of Hunt’s Harness.
We are proud to offer you one of the finest carriage harness lines made today – handcrafted to order by Hunt’s Harness here in the USA. Traditional Carriage Harness: consists of “The Premier” that is suitable for less formal driving, and the custom- made “Carriage Harness” in Single, Pair, Tandem, Four-in-Hand and Road Coach. Fine Harness: Two price levels of fine harness for the breed show-ring are available, “Top Show Harness” or “Production Fine”. Hackney Long Tail and Cob harness. Road Pony Harness: Similar to the fine harness, there are two price levels of the Road Pony Harness. Miniature Roadster Show Harness. Road Horse Harness. Work Harness. Stud Tack. Tool (spares) Kits; Small, Medium and Large kits. Special Leather Appointments: Coaching Horn Cases; Horns; Hand holds; Guard Case; Dash Clock; Umbrella Case; Postillion Pole Guard; Whip Socket; Interior Hat Straps; Guard Handhold. Appointments for Wagon available: Limited and numbered, with the following items: Tool kit, clocks and lamp, cloth case with a waterpoof cover for horse, chamois, Irish linen cloth, lap robe and “optional” cooler and cover. Please call us at 209 966-4499 to discuss your custom harness needs.