TEDEX Harness by ZILCO

The TEDEX Single Harness by ZILCO

A great beginners harness at a super price! Available in Donkey, Shetland, Pony, Cob and Full sizes to fit a wide range of equines. It’s also available for pair horses as well. The TEDEX is inexpensive but well designed. It’s made from soft and flexible materials which are light, supple and offer easy adjustment.

* Suitable for lower level competition, pleasure and leisure driving.
* Completely washable and 100% synthetic materials including nylon webbing and Zilco synthetic leather-like strapping.
* All buckles are made of stainless steel.
* Plenty of adjustment in every harness set.
* Comes with it’s own harness bag!

To view the complete on-line ZILCO catalog, please click here.  We are happy to order any item for you from this catalog. Delivery times will vary depending on what you want but harness sets normally ship quickly. Please contact us personally to place an order for, or inquire about any of the ZILCO products.