Brenderup Real Horse Trailers
The Proof is in the Pulling!
Brenderup Real Horse Trailers were designed in Denmark and have been built in Midland, TX for the USA market since 1982. They can also be sold to Canada.

For carriage drivers, one wonderful feature is that, once stopped, you can easily jack-knife the trailer to 90 degrees so you can unload your cart or carriage without having to unhitch. Now, that’s nice!

There are 12 different models of one and two horse bumper pull trailers available.

Here’s a link to the current price list:

Carriage Driving Essentials is not a dealer for Brenderup trailers but you may contact Anna Perkinson in Texas by e-mailing her at: if you’d like information, have any questions or if you’d like her to send you a brochure or a DVD.