Americana “Comfort Fit” Padded Mini Harness


Padded, synthetic, Miniature Horse carriage harness.

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SOLD OUT!  Padded, synthetic, durable, single Miniature Horse carriage harness.

Traditionally styled & padded in all the right places, this little harness is one of the best synthetic harnesses you will find for your small equine. Also available in pair, tandem and team. Please call to discuss.

Suitable for any type of driving and for any style carriage (can be customized), this is a harness you will grow into and not out of. The saddle is one piece with rolled edges and padding all the way down the flaps. It contains a flexible tree which is essential for two wheeled vehicles. The breastcollar has a contoured shape and allows for buckle-in traces. It is fully padded for comfort and weight distribution. Girth and breeching are also fully padded with rolled edges. Traces are slot end style (D ends are available) English open style shaft loops with overgirth. (Marathon quick connect shaft loops are available). Bridle has plenty of adjustment (bit not included due to the different size requirements) reins are traditional brown color. Face drop on bridle and tear drop on false martingale (pair version also has tear drops on trace carriers). Patent finish on round cup shaped blinders. Comes standard with all stainless steel hardware and is completely washable. Please allow one to two weeks for delivery. MADE IN THE USA! Available in Single, Pair, Tandem and more. Price here is for a SINGLE harness with buckle-in breast collar.