Americana “Comfort-Fit” Single Padded Pony Harness


A comfortable, fully padded traditionally styled pleasure driving harness for single ponies of all sizes. Pair harness and other configurations also available. Please call for information.

Americana “Comfort-Fit” Padded Pony Harness… is one of our most popular synthetic harness styles and for good reason; Detailed photos below. It has comfortable padding in all the important places and is traditional in appearance, so it can be used in some pleasure driving shows in addition to everyday training and combined-driving competition. It is sturdy enough for the toughest marathon and suitable for use with heavier vehicles. It is made of 95% synthetic leather materials that are strong and completely washable! Made to last with all stainless steel hardware, rolled edges for your horse’s comfort, and plenty of padding on the saddle, girth & breeching. It has a heavy-duty, curved & shaped breastcollar. The saddle is 3″ or 4″ wide (your choice) and is built on a flexible tree. It is padded down the entire saddle skirt. The traces buckle into the breastcollar and have slot ends on the standard model. The false martingale has a teardrop and the bridle has a face drop and independent noseband hangers. Eye cups and winkers are covered in leather. No box keepers; cheeks have buckles and keepers on both ends. Flexible brown Beta Biothane reins feel like leather, but you can wash them – an exceptional value! Available standard in all black or black with brown lining, all with stainless steel hardware. (Available many other sizes). Some options include: All brown harness; all brass hardware; brown harness with brass, soft leather lining; Show package: Chain and patent on browband, false martingale with teardrop, trace carriers with tear drops. Additional charge. Marathon package: Quick release shaft loops, D end traces or combination end traces (D & slot), trace carriers and contoured “Comfort Collar” (a deeper shaped breastcollar) with self adjusting trace connecting buckles on heavy-duty rings (to adjust to the line of draft).Saddle with sliding backband. Several optional rein choices i.e, add a swivel, bumpy (for super grip), with sewn-in stops, braided, laced, cotton web or handholds. European style full marathon collar. Pair harness. Hames style. These are just a few of the options available.Guaranteed to fit!! Additional photos below.
Padded pony pair with buckle-in traces$1,980.00. Hames style (collars not included), $1,820.00 (2016 pricing)