Bellcrown BADGER In Stock in California


SOLD! Bellcrown Badger, NEW, in Stock, in California. Pony size. Buy this one now or order one the way you want it. If ordered, the price will be quoted FOB PA. SOLD!

Out of stock

SOLD!  The Bellcrown “BADGER” is a wonderful multi-purpose cart! It can be used as a training cart, used in low level pleasure showing or combined driving competitions

Standard Features Include:

Easy to dismantle (if required, wrenches included) Easy to balance – moveable wheel positions Anti-slip flooring Adjustable bench seat unit and whip socket Standard shafts with steel fittings Choice of standard color wheels Stainless steel bolts, nuts, and fastenings Solid-tired, (4 cm wide) steel wheels on Superide suspension Swingle tree Tubular front splashboard Wood panels to seat pedestal sides PVC hubcaps This model cannot have brakes or a backstop. Track width is 120 cm (not extendible; Weight is from 70 kg/154 lbs; This particular cart will fit 12.1 hands to 13.1 hands. (Can be modified to fit samller or larger by changing shafts). Additional Photos below Our in-stock Badger includes the shipping cost to our location in CA and the options. SOLD!