Bellcrown BADGER



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AVAILABLE BY ORDER the Bellcrown “BADGER” is a wonderful multi-purpose cart! It can be used as a training cart, used in low level pleasure showing or combined driving competitions

Standard Features Include:

Easy to dismantle (if required, wrenches included) Easy to balance – moveable wheel positions Anti-slip flooring Adjustable bench seat unit and whip socket Standard shafts with steel fittings Choice of standard color wheels Stainless steel bolts, nuts, and fastenings Solid-tired, (4 cm wide) steel wheels on Superide suspension Swingle tree Tubular front splashboard Wood panels to seat pedestal sides PVC hubcaps This model cannot have brakes or a backstop. Track width is 120 cm (not extendible; Weight is from 70 kg/154 lbs; Two wheel and shaft sizes available to fit 11.2 hands to 13.1 hands or 13.2 hands to 15.2 hands (with a wide shaft socket). Other options are available. The BASE PRICE of this cart is $2,595.00 FOB Pensylvania. Call for list of options and prices and to request a shipping quote to your location
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