Bellcrown RANGER


Bellcrown Ranger

This is one of our most popular lightweight 2 wheeled carriages which offers comfort and safety whether on or off the road. The practical cab-front design provides for easy entry, while the stylish looks have made it successful in the show ring.
The Bellcrown Ranger is easy to dismantle if required (wrenches included) * Easy to balance – moveable wheel positions * Anti-slip flooring * Double seat unit and whip socket * Standard pleasure style shafts with steel fittings * Choice of standard colored wheels * Stainless steel nuts, bolts and fastenings * Solid hard rubber tires (4 cm wide) on steel wheels on Superide (torsion)suspension * Dual-end Swingle tree * Wood panel splashboard included * Wood panels to seat and on pedestal sides * and Bellcrown hubcaps. * This model cannot have brakes or a backstep. Track width is 120 cm (not extendible); Weight is from 70 kg/154 lbs; Sizes for 10 hands to 14.2 hands. Optional lift kit to increase the size range of the carriage by elevating the body and shafts 4 or 6 inces. Other options are available; please call or e-mail us for more information. Price shown is for the base vehicle, shipping is FOB PA.