Bellcrown U.S.A. Aero Crown


The BELLCROWN AEROCROWN, a single seat cart made for Miniature horses, donkeys and small ponies.

For a serious miniature marathon cart, look no further! The Bellcrown Aerocrown is strong, lightweight and secure. Shown here with optional spares basket under the seat. Available by order approx. every 6-8 weeks, this cart is sized for 26″ to 36″ Miniature Horses. Larger wheels are available as an upgrade for taller Minis. Easy to dismantle if required (spanner wrench included). Standard pleasure shafts (long or short) or closed loop marathon shafts included (your choice of one style). Solid rubber tires (4.6cm wide) on steel wheels with “Superide” suspension. Anti-slip flooring. Whip Socket. Easy to balance – moveable wheel positions and adjustable seat. Secure optional foot rests. Tubular steel or optional wood splashboard. Swingle tree. Choice of standard colors. Track width: 104 cm and weighs about 90 lbs. FOB PA. Additional options available, call us for more information and shipping quote. Shipping is very reasonable on these carts as they go by UPS light freight.

A few words from the carriage maker:
The Bellcrown Aerocrown is a single seat vehicle that we created in 2010 especially for miniature horses, ponies, and donkeys. Very similar to the Minicrown, it has a lighter Superide suspension designed not to exceed a 200 pound load. There is an option for a heavier suspension if desired. The Aerocrown has a removable floor so that stirrups can be used. This is a great vehicle for pleasure driving, combined driving events, and marathons. It dresses up nicely and looks sharp for show.