Bellcrown U.S.A. Mini Crown


Base model is shown, lots of options are available. Call us for information! Available by order, this cart can be sized to fit for 26″ to 36″ Miniature Horses. *Easy to dismantle if required (spanner wrench included).*Semi-double seat (adult & child) with back roll.*Standard shafts with steel fitting*Solid-tired (4.6cm wide), steel wheels on Superide suspension*Anti-slip flooring*Whip Socket*Easy to balance – moveable wheel positions*Tubular steel or wood splashboard*Swingle tree*Choice of standard colors*PVC hub caps*STAINLESS STEEL bolts, nuts and fastenings*Track width : 104 cm weight from 42 kg / 92.4 lbs. FOB Pennsylvania. Additional options available, call us for a shipping quote.