Beta Biothane 3/4″ Buckle Nose Halter


Synthetic Beta Biothane, “Buckle-Nose” halters for safety and ease of use.


Our own design of a strong but soft Beta Biothane BUCKLE-NOSE HALTERS have been a customer favorite for many years.

3/4″ wide strapping with all stainless steel hardware for strength and ease of care. Snap at throat for grooming, adjustable buckle on nose for ease and safety of harnessing and two buckles on crown makes it easy to replace if broken. These halters are comfortable, waterproof, never get stiff or trap dirt. Once you try one, you’ll never go back to a conventional halter. Can be used under driving bridle, over driving bridle or for use while harnessing.  Black with all stainless steel hardware. 

*The Horse size halter listed as Hunter Green color option is actually Lime Green.