Comfy Fit Carriage Harness-Cob/Horse/Oversize


The Comfy Fit Harness is a durable, synthetic harness designed by carriage drivers and built for comfort. Cob, Horse and Oversize size. (Pictured here in pony size with optional marathon breast collar.) 


The COMFY FIT harness is durable and comfortable (Pony size harness is pictured). Available in Cob and Horse size (oversize available by special order). It’s made of a durable synthetic material. The harness is well padded and the lining is wrapped around a soft layer of felt. Lining comes in your choice of the “Carefree” waffle vinyl or optional washable leather in black or brown. Padding is found on the noseband, breastplate, neck strap, breeching, saddle, martingale and girth.
Harnesses are sewn with heavy nylon thread and a lock stitch. They are available in an all matte finish or with patent on blinds, saddle and breast collar. There are many options to choose from!
Standard harness is usually shipped within 1-2 weeks. Harness with brass or all brown harness will take 3-4 weeks.
Features are:
* Matte finish
* Stainless steel hardware
* Deeply Curved Breast Collar
* Double straps on hip straps and on neck straps
* Adjustable Saddle to Neckstrap connector strap
* Combination-end Traces
* Shaped Crownpiece
* Decorative Browband
* Rounded Leather Cupped Blinders
* Black Leather Soft Padding
* Adjustable Rein Terrets on Neck Strap
* Extended Padding on Saddle
* Engligh Open Style Shaft Tugs
* 3/4″ brown Beta Biothane reins
* Padded False Martingale
Please call us with questions or to discuss options.