Driving A Harness Horse


Driving A Harness Horse A Step-by-Step Guide

Driving A Harness Horse A Step-by-Step Guide by Sally Walrond
Publisher: Trafalgar Square, 2002 Hardback

Produced as a stablemate to the author’s hugely successful Breaking a Horse to Harness, this invaluable book uses the same step-by-step format to help the novice driver learn the art of driving. From selecting a suitable vehicle and harness, to harnessing up and handling the reins, this is a perfect guide.

This book uses a step-by-step approach to teaching the skills of driving. The author guides the reader through the choice of horse and vehicle, the care and fitting of harness, the clothing, equipment, events, and the whole art of driving both single horse and tandem. The author is an international carriage driving judge as well as Area Commissioner for the British Driving Society, and a Verifier for the Light Harness Horse Training Board.