Equilib Body Armor Pad-Small


Others have tried to duplicate this unique pad. Do not be fooled by imitations, this is the original Body Armor Pad made to withstand the rigors of combined driving. Made with bullet-proof, vest technology, the Equilib marathon saddle-pad is body armor for your horse. It doesn’t just “pad” the horse, it actually distributes the load from saddle OR shaft. With an extra ultra-dense layer between the point of the shaft and your horse, any poke from the shaft is spread across a much larger area and is converted to non-damaging pressure, letting your horse lean into the shaft without discomfort. Equilib Body Armor comes in 4 sizes. * Small measures 13.5″ down from backbone and 4.5″ forward from the center of the saddle.* Medium measures 14.5″ down from the backbone and 5″ forward from the center of the saddle
* Large measures 16″ down from the backbone and 5.5″ forward from the center of the saddle
* Extra Large measures 20″ down from backbone and 7″ forward from center of saddle.
Black only. Washable, just hose off and drip dry!