Hunt’s Pony size Show Harness


Beautiful Hunt’s Carriage Harness for traditional Pleasure Driving or Presentation. 12 Hand range Pony size.

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This is a very high quality, custom made, traditional Carriage harness by Hunt’s Harness for a 12.2 Hand Welsh pony. Used only one season in FEI competition. Complete with adjustable breeching, reins, full collar with hames and a breastcollar. Features a unique adjustable breeching. Beautiful top grade American tanned leather with brass hardware, plenty of patent, tufted saddle, incedible detail to edges, stitching, keepers, etc… This harness was $8,100.00 when purchased new. You can buy it now at a substantial savings. Suitable for traditional carriage driving, pleasure showing or for dressage and cones competition in combined driving.

Bridle: Browband 14" long overall, raised and stitched front piece of nose is 21.25" overall. 5" double buckle chin strap (will fit 19" to 22"). 16" rolled throat latch, Crown pad is 9.25" overall crown is 18.5" from tip to tip. Each side has 1.5" of adjustment. Cheeks will go from 9" to 10.5" top buckle to bit loop. Maximum winker spread is 10.5" inside the square patent cups. Heavy pony sized brass rosettes with rope edge.

Reins have a thin leather finger loop sewn in, measure slightly more than 11 feet from center buckle to bit loop.

Full collar measures 17" x 7.5" to 8" (includes brass hames and hame tugs)

Breastcollar 36" overall in length

Neck hanger strap for breastplate will adjust from 23.5" to 29.5"

Fixed billet saddle pad and 13" girth fits 53"-59" Has French Tugs

Backband is 29" buckled in the center hole to holes for dock, will adjust from 23" to 33"

Breeching is adjustable to fit a range 36" to 44"

Traces are for use with roller bolts. working length from 53" to 60"

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