Large Pole/Breeching/Web Shackle


Sold Out! “HR” quick-release Wichard shackle for use with wide pole straps.

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SOLD OUT! “HR” quick-release Wichard shackle is primarily for the use with wide pole straps and will accomodate up to a 1 9/16″ wide strap. Wichard snap shackles will never suddenly break! They show signs of deformation well before reaching breaking point. “HR” stands for High Resistance. The 17.4 PH stainless steel that these shackles are forged from offers very high level mechanical performance characteristics. This item is “rated” for strength and integrity. Length 4″ Top Opening 27/32″ Bottom Opening 1-9/16″Functional Strength 3525 lbsBreak Load 8490 lbs. Made in France.