Road Cart – Basic


Road cart, available in all sizes.

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Available in Miniature Horse through Draft Horse size. The Road Cart is a traditional vehicle most commonly sold with a natural wood stain but it may be painted. It is light in weight, well balanced, extremely comfortable to drive and is easy to handle. Standard Features Include:
* Wooden Spares Box under seat
* Black Painted Hub Caps
* Shifting Seat Rail
* Bench Seat (accommodates 2 adults)
* Wooden Shafts
* Black Patent Shaft Covers
* Vinyl or Imitation Cord Upholstery
* Wood Wheels with Flush or Long Hubs and Hard Rubber Tires
**The cart pictured here is miniature size and shows optional pin striping, brass rein rail, brass hub caps and tufted upholstery. The cart is shipped FOB from PA. Several other options are available. Allow 6-12 weeks to mfg. Please call us for more information. 877-966-4499.