Small Rated Trace Shackle


Small size strength tested “Rated” quick release shackle.

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SOLD OUT! Popular for use with Miniature horses and ponies as trace shackles on “D” end traces. Safe, quick and very easy to use. Length 2-3/4″ Top Opening 5/8″ Bottom Opening 15/32″ Functional Strength 2200 lbsBreak Load 3750 lbs All our WICHARD, RONSTAN and SPRENGER snap shackles are “HR” hot-drop forged from high-resistance, stainless steel. Only forging creates a superior steel product by increasing its elasticity and maximizing the steel’s internal strength. A forged snap shackle will deform long before breaking. It will not burst or break suddenly. This is a guarantee for safety. Please beware of cheap imitations that are not strength tested and rated. As a bonus, for your safety and ease of use, we properly attach a highly-visible, red, parachute cord to every shackle we sell. Made in France