Smucker’s Better Fit Leather Harness Saddles


Smucker’s Better Fit Harness Saddles For informational purposes only.

Smucker’s "Better Fit" Harness Saddles

Five years of research and development have been invested into this harness saddle. This saddle is available to the discriminating horseman in: Pleasure, Deluxe, Russet Deluxe and Super Deluxe. It is standard on the Supreme, Supreme Eldonian and Mara-tation harness. The following is a quotation from Peggy Brown, a long time customer, CDE competitor and instructor:

"All breeds benefit greatly from Smucker’s "Better Fit" harness saddle, designed for the horses of the twenty- first century. The wide gullet allows the spine and muscles to work freely without constriction. This saddle distributes the weight of the backpad and shafts more evenly.

Congratulations to Smucker’s for recognizing new developments in the horse industry and designing a harness to help the horses achieve their full potential…"

Peggy Brown* Walnut Hill Farm* Maumee, Ohio 

Please Note: If you choose to order the Pleasure, Deluxe, Russet Deluxe, or Super Deluxe with the "Better Fit" harness saddle, there will be an extra charge from the standard saddle.

THIS LISTING IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Please call for more information and pricing.