Smucker’s Mara-tation Leather Harness


Smuckers Mara-Tation leather harness for the sport of combined-driving competition. Very sturdy, high quality leather with nylon reinforcement.
Hardware is stainless steel. It is heavily padded and the straps are nylon reinforced. Your choice of russet, black or two toned.

The Smucker’s Mara-tation HarnessThis beautiful leather harness with nylon reinforcing was designed for the extreme sport of combined driving. Hardware is stainless steel. The Mara-tation is guaranteed not to break for one year after purchase. Your choice of russet or black or two-tone. Can be made with or without patent leather. This harness comes standard with the “Better Fit” saddle, Dee-end traces, French Tugs or Quick connect/release tugs, padded shaped breastcollar.· Double stitching where possible. Everything else has one row stitching.
· Chain on browband.
· All hand stitched keepers.
· Small keepers on bridle (vs. box keeper)
· Patent two-piece noseband.
· 3 keepers on shaft tugs (vs. 1 on Deluxe)
· Girth & overgirth are separate.
· Breeching is padded with patent
· Stitching is much finer & the workmanship is visibly better
· Comes with false martingale.
· Saddle is more refined.
Every Smucker harnesses is individually handcrafted when an order is placed. Please call us to place an order and be ready to provide us with your horses measurements.
#601 Breast Collar Style… #602 Hame Style… COLLARS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE #602 HARNESS Pair harness also available. Please call or e-mail us for more information. Additional photos below.