Smuckers Synthetic Deluxe Harness


#716 Synthetic Deluxe Harness® $895.00 Available in all sizes from Mini to Draft in black Beta-Biothane (has a very small amount of leather on it), this harness is traditionally styed just like it’s leather counterpart, except it also comes with Smucker’s famous “Better Fit Saddle”; it has a steel tree and a smooth padded fit all the way down the skirt . It has a waffle lining under the noseband & crown piece and on the padded breastplate, saddle and breeching. It has 1 1/2″ wide buckle-in traces with combination end traces for hook style or quick release style single trees. A complete harness with all parts including brown Beta-Biothane reins and a false martingale with tear drop and the browband that has a decorative chain and a face drop. (Bit, side checks or over check not included). Comes in your choice of brass or stainless steel hardware. This harness is a good choice for those who want a traditionally styled harness in a synthetic, easy care material; it is suitable for training, pleasure driving, as well as some marathon competition and can be used with two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. Made in the U.S.A. Pair and four in hand harness also available with Hungarian style breastcollars or hame style. Please call for details. This harness is guaranteed to fit. Subject to stock on hand and could take up to 8 weeks to receive. Please call for availability. Celine 209-966-4499Harness pictured above: – curved and padded breastcollar and padded breeching, noseband, crown, girth, turnback, and neckstrap. Also withBetter Fit type saddle and false martingale included. #730 Synthetic Deluxe Hamestyle Harness with straight traces..$845.00 #731 Synthetic Deluxe Hamestyle Harness with Short Tugs..$940.00 #732-P Synthetic Deluxe Pair Hungarian Breastcollar style Harness..$1995.00 #733-P Synthetic Deluxe Pair Hamestyle Harness with straight traces..$1625.00 #734-P Synthetic Deluxe Pair Hamestyle Harness with Short Tugs..$1815.00 #735-P Synthetic Deluxe Pair Hamestyle Harness with Long Tugs..$2025.00