Smuckers Synthetic Pleasure Harness


Smucker’s Synthetic Pleasure Style Harness


This sturdy, black Beta-Biothane harness is patterned directly from it’s leather counter-part, the Smucker’s Pleasure harness. The saddle has a tree for the horses protection and is waffle padded. It has 1 1/2″ wide buckle-in traces with combination ends for multi-purpose use with different single trees. The bridle has a decorative chain on the browband, flat, smooth-leather breeching and breastcollar. This is a good entry level harness for traditional carriage driving and is best suited for lighter two-wheeled carts or very light ,four-wheeled buggies. Comes in your choice of brass or stainless steel hardware, this harness is a good choice for those who want a traditionally styled harness in a synthetic material with just a little bit of leather care. It is great for training, pleasure driving and entry level shows. Available in all sizes from Mini to Draft. Made in the U.S.A., this harness is guaranteed to fit. Subject to stock on hand and could take up to 8 weeks for delivery. Please call Celine for details. 209-966-4499 #715 Synthetic Pleasure Harness..$615.00Basic pleasure driving harness made with lined, buckle-in breast collar & standard type saddle. Well made with areas doubled and stitched. #717 Synthetic Pleasure Hamestyle Harness with straight traces..$630.00 #717-P Synthetic Pleasure Pair Hamestyle Harness with straight traces..$1175.00 #718-P Synthetic Pleasure Pair Hungarian Breastcollar style Harness..$1490.00 #719 Synthetic Pleasure Hamestyle Harness with Short Tugs..$725.00 #719-P Synthetic Pleasure Pair Hamestyle Harness with Short Tugs..$1355.00 #720-P Synthetic Pleasure Pair Hamestyle Harness with Long Tugs..$1585.00