SOLD! Horse Size “Leica” Marathon Carriage


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**SOLD** NEW HORSE SIZE MARATHON CARRIAGE is in stock and ready to go!
Sized for a larger horse, it’s painted black and silver silver. Features are:
Adjustable Shafts (length and width)
Adjustable Seat (forward and backward and tilt)
Black Color with silver paint and stainless steel
Two tone color wheels
Weight: 436# including platform extension
Wheel Size: Front 331/2″ Rear 29 1/2″
Air-Suspension on swing arm (for a very comfortable ride)
Rear Groom’s Step
Dickey seat (for advanced competition)
Rear Disc Brakes
Stainless Steel Shafts
Stainless Steel Outside Frame
Extendible rear axle (125 cm to 138 cm)
The Leica marathon carriage is one of the most popular marathon carriages made today. It has a great ride due to the combination of spring and air suspension. This carriage is made in Poland by Dominiack. This carriage has been sold.