*SOLD* Medium Pony Marathon Carriage


Dominiack Single Medium Pony Marathon Carriage

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*SOLD* Single medium pony size Marathon Carriage by Dominack , made in Poland. Should fit a pony from 12.2 hands up to 14.2 hands.     This carriage is used by top drivers for CDE competition across the US and is known to be reliable. Super comfortable ride due to the air bag pneumatic suspension. Also has spring suspension. Very roomy navigator platform with removable extension and a removable Dickey Seat. Display only, never driven, made in 2011.

Weighs 375 lbs (we weighed it on our scales).

Metalic blue and silver with blue vinyl upholstery. Blue striping.

Rough-out black leather on drivers Wedge seat 15" wide x 17" deep. Adjustable on sliders forward and back.

Steel wheels with hard Vulcanized rubber tires. 27" front and 25" rear with flush hubs.

Rear disc brakes. Parking brake under seat on front of box.

Spares bag built in for halter and spares. Easily accessible by navigator or groom.

Suspension: Four air bags, torsion and springs = Very comfortable.

Four solid stratigectly placed navigator grab handles and padded fenders for navigator’s comfort.

Removable Navigator extension is 14" deep.

Removable Dickey Seat and Extendable Axle for advanced CDE competition.

Independent, removable, stainless steel adjustable marathon shafts with closed tear drop ends.

Curved and padded single tree is 35 1/2" wide.

Crossbar measurement is 41" wide providing plenty of room for tight turns.

Additional measurements available upon request. Carriage is located in our shop, Mariposa, California.