Synthetic Mini A Harness – Economy version


Mini A Harness, for light-duty work. Synthetic, Single Breast Collar Style Economy Version. Black Beta Biothane with stainless hardware. Made in the USA.

Single Breast Collar Style economy Mini A Harness, for light-duty work. 

This mini harness is an inexpensive lightweight harness. All padding such as crown piece, breast collar, breeching, girth, hip strap and neck strap are lined with a soft lining. Hardware is stainless steel. The saddle is flexible and treeless for use with very lightweight carts. Black synthetic, mostly beta biothane material is easy care. Just hose it off and let it drip dry. Made in the USA

Bridle will fit approx. 26″ to 34″ plus the bit purchase. Broadband is 14″                                                                  Mini A saddle is 28″ with a 14″ girth and will adjust from 40″ to 58″                                                                        Reins are 10 1/2′ long.

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