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ZILCO CLASSIC Full size Single Breastcollar Style Harness set (last one!). NOW COMES WITH DOUBLE HIP STRAPS!


ZILCO Classic Harness single Full size set. Only 1 left! FREE Shipping to 48 states.
Zilco Classic is the popular original harness for all types of driving.
Light to carry yet tremendously strong.
Classic is equally at home in the dressage arena, the toughest of marathon courses or simply a pleasure day out.
Design features
* Soft waffle lined bearing surface on saddle.
* Traditional straight breastcollar (Empathy collar is optional)
* Wither strap with hanging rein ring and brake strap.
* Choice of different trace endings to suit different types of carriages.
* Different trace lengths to suit various vehicles.
* Independent hanging noseband, with detachable flash strap.
* Suitable for Marathon, Pleasure driving or Leisure.
FITTINGS: Stainless steel throughout and are purposely designed for maximum strength and easy adjustment.
The special Zilco “rolling bar” buckle makes adjustment easy and minimises wear.
STRAPPING: Zilco sealed strapping : a core of strong web, sealed within a modern polymer to give the handling
qualities of leather. Easily cleaned and tremendously strong.
Breastplate, girth and breeching linings are hard wearing foam covered in tough synthetic leather.
Saddle is lined with textured waffle linings, soft and easily cleaned.
Safety & Convenience
Tugs/shaft loops (singles) are quick release style
Extra Options & Choices – available all sets
Classic can be supplied in standard sizes or a mixture of sizes to suit individual horses.
All individual parts are available separately.
Detachable color trim can be fitted to the breastplate and matching colored browbands can be
added to suit marathon colors
Tilbury tugs are available
Wipe clean, or hose down. Or tub wash in warm soapy water. Hang to dry. Zilco harness always
maintains its strength
Carry & Storage Bag
Each horse set is packed in individual black polyester carry bag
with ventilation panels.
Zilco Classic Full size harness typically fits from 15 to 16.2 hands with a girth of 72″ to 78.Please see additional photos below.To view the complete on-line ZILCO catalog, please click here.