ZILCO Classic Pony Bridle with Patent Blinkers


ZILCO 444274 Classic Pony Bridle with Patent Blinkers

Complete Pony Synthetic Driving Bridle with Patent Blinkers

Single buckle independent noseband, adjustable via the cheek buckles. Rolled winker stay with wire core. Plain front Browband with decorative Rosettes.

This bridle is the ideal choice for use in the show ring or for dressage.
This model has a padded headpiece, designed to reduce poll pressure. It features an independent noseband that adjusts from the cheeks on each side. This reduces the number of straps over the poll.
The blinds are round in shape. The stays are an elegantly styled, rolled design with a wire core that can be bent to a more open or closed position as required.
This improved design includes a neater, more streamlined appearance to the stays, and deeper blinker cups to allow better clearance to the eyes.
The noseband features a narrow, single buckle design to elegantly enhance the pony’s head.
This bridle comes standard with decorative rosettes and a plain browband. 

Pony Size 13 mm strapping (about 1/2″ wide) Fits most medium sized ponies. Browband 16″, Crown 23″, Throat Lash 17 1/2″, noseband fits 19″ to 25″. Blinkers go from 9″ to 12″.