ZILCO CLASSIC Single Pony size Harness set has Sliding Backband for vehicles with fixed shafts. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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Zilco’s Classic Harness with sliding backband for two wheeled vehicles. Same specifications as the standard ZILCO CLASSIC single harness but with a specially designed saddle to accomodate a sliding backband making it suitable for use with most two wheeled vehicles. For use with two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheeled vehicles wth fixed shafts. The sliding backband allows correct balance of vehicles with fixed shafts, allowing movement to improve horse comfort – especially on hilly terrain. Can be ordered in mixed sizes to suit individiual needs. It’s washable! Pony size typically fits from 11.2 to 13.2 hands with a girth of 59″ to 68″ Cob size typically fits from 13.2 to 15 hands with a girth of 68″ to 72″ *Full size typically fits from 15 to 16.2 hands with a girth of 72″ to 78″ Black only with all stainless steel fittings. Options include: Mk2 Empathy breastcollar Ground View Blinkers Tugs/Shaft Loops: Tilbury style or marathon quick open style S-Grip reins Color trim Colored browbands to match Roller Bolt style traces Can be ordered without breeching

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