ZILCO ELITE Harness Extra Full size black


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NEW LOWER PRICE!Famous Zilco synthetic leather harness; there is no other like it. Zilco sealed strapping is a core of strong, web-sealed-within-a-modern-polymer to give the handling qualities of leather, but is easily cleaned and has enormous strength. Same as the ZGB harness except the 2″ wide traces buckles into the breastplate for adjustment. Suited for larger horses singles, pair or team. This harness is made to hold up through the most extreme of marathons. Especially heavier carriages and come with these specifications: All stainless steel hardware with roller buckles in all the important places. 3/4″ straping on bridle; double buckle padded adjustable chin strap; padded crown, noseband and browband. Unique, Z-Grip reins with sewn stops for easy all-weather handling.2″ wide “D” end, buckle-in traces for use with quick release snap shackles. 1 1/4″ wide saddle billets and quick connect/release shaft loops on the single.4″ wide George Bowman-shaped saddle with a wide shaped & padded girth and a D ring for the martingale to snap on. A 4″ wide, heavily-padded breastplate with 1″ wide, double-neck, hanger straps with sliding adjustable rein rings. A 3″ wide padded breeching;3/4″ wide and crupper strapping; 1″ wide single hip/loin strap. Trace carriers. The pair harness comes with 38mm Quick Release pole straps. Options include: Pair and Team parts; Color trim for browbands and breastplates; new Ground Vision blinkers’ Roller bolt-end style traces; Pair harnesss can be supplied with or without breeching. Please call for more information.