Zilco “MK2” PONY Empathy Breastplate SET


Designed to fit most medium to large ponies, the Zilco Empathy breastplate is an inovative design with the intent to allow more freedom of movement in the shoulder joint thus making the horse more comfortable. It is not designed to be used with a straight line of draft like Meadowbrooks or most road carts, but rather a low line of draft as seen in marathon carriages and some other four wheeled carriages or carts and gigs with an axle draft. Works best with Zilco 1 1/4″ wide traces but will work with some other traces is they are not too thick. Made only for single turnout.

Over five years of research and field testing has gone into this collar with advice and input from the veterinary profession (Advisor Professor Ramsey Hovell) and close study of bone and muscle anatomy in the shoulder region. This washable breastplate is designed to work with the conformation of the horse or pony, not against it. Age-old harness styles from working horses across Europe have been developed and combined with Zilco’s modern technology.*In order to maintain the curved shape, it is sturdily made with a central core of ZILCO strapping for maximum strength under the toughest marathon conditions. Soft padded waffle lining on bearing surfaces of breastplate wither and martingale. Quick Release connection for traces All Stainless steel fittings The shape follows the contours of your horse, lifting over the point of the shoulder, but below the soft underneath of the neck and windpipe.This frees up the bony part of the shoulder joint to maximize movement without pressure.Straps to wither have three positions that are moveable to suit narrow or wide necks.Padded martingale, which assists the desired position of the collar.Suitable for: .. Facilitating best possible paces and freedom of movement in any horse or pony.. Advantageous to animals with low headsets.. Animals with shoulder lameness from strains or old injuries or stiffness to the shoulder.. Horses or ponies that tend to shorten their stride when in draft. The “MK2” Empathy breastplate comes in four sizes: Horse, Cob, Large Pony and Shetland/Small pony sets. New lower pricing!