ZILCO SL Small Pony Single Harness set


ZILCO SL Small Pony size Single Harness, complete set. IN STOCK for immediate shipment.

ZILCO SL Single Small Pony Harness, complete set. Sized to fit small ponies from 11.2 to 12.2 hands with a girth circumference of 49″ to 66″. *Based on the ZILCO CLASSIC harness with a traditionally shaped breastplate and breeching for a more elegant style Buckle-in traces are adjustable at the breastplate. Adjustable shaft tugs. Trace carry straps, Breeching straps, bridle & reins. Black with all stainless steel hardware. Zilco’s wide “Flexi-treeless” saddle for a comfortable fit. Bridle is specially designed to fit broad foreheads and thick forelocks. Throatlash is set back from the headpiece and is very adjustable. Elegant blinkers to show off pretty heads. Suitable for pleasure or show driving.

item Z-447004

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