ZILCO “ZGB” Single Harness Black X-Full size


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The “ZBG” Harness is suitable for competition drivers during heavy marathon use, trainers, (particularly those working for single to pair frequently), commericial drivers, and drivers requiring a heavy-duty harness. New lower prices! This harness was originally designed with the help and advice from world renowned 4-in-hand driver, George Bowman Sr. Design features: Multi purpose design of saddle and breastplate that allows for easy change from single to pair, tandem to team. The 4″ wide heavily padded breastplate with continuous 50 mm (2″) wide D-end traces are all-in-one, with adjustment for length behind the horse. Unique, adjustable rein-ring that can be lowered or raised to suit the head carriage of individual horses. Bowman bridle has an independent hanging padded noseband with chin adjustment on both sides. 4″ wide saddle and a new tapered & padded girth; brown, all-weather “Z-Grip” reins with sewn-in stops. Cob size typically fits 13.2 to 15 hands with a girth of 68″ to 72″ Full size typically fits 15 to 16.2 hands and or a girth of 72″ to 78″ Extra Full size typically fits from about 16.2 hands and or a girth of 78″ to 94″ ZGB TEAM harness is availble, please call for pricing and more information. Several trim colors available by special order. Please call for details. Each harness set is packed in individual leatherette carry bag with 3 external pockets for spares and accessories!