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Bird-In-Hand Country Gig

Bird-In-Hand Country Gig
Bird-in-Hand COUNTRY GIG Gig

Available by order - painted or stained natural wood and varnished. The standard base model is $3300.00 and comes with the following:
* Winding body over axle for balance
* Oak wood panels (sides and back) in metal framework
* Painted hubcaps, black
* Painted metal work, black
* Flexi-Shafts * Double seat * Wooden wheels with hard rubber tires * Patent leather shaft wraps * Vinyl or imitation cord upholstery (not tufted)

Additional Options are (call for pricing): * Extra Wide body 4" wider (for draft horses) * Cart Stand * Covers (for shafts and body) * Wood Dash * Patent Leather Dash * Birds-Eye-Maple Panels * Painted Panels * Natural Cane Panels * Full coach paint including wheels and shafts * Striping * Cricket (false floor) * Wooden Dash Tray * Wood dash tray with up holders * Flat Wood Fenders * Patent Leather Fenders * Lamp brackets * False Louvers * Hatch back * Brass or Chrome Hub Caps * Brass or Chrome Rein Rail * Spindle Seat in Oak or Birds-eye-Maple or painted * Spindle Gig seat * Matte Shaft Leathers * Shaft leather baseball stitched * Spare Single Tree * Speedometer * Brush Guards * Genuine Bedford Cord Upholstery * Bedford Cord, Tufted * Vinyl or Imitation Upholstery Tufted * Wedge and 1/2 seat (medium) * Wedge and 1/4 seat (medium) * Chrome or brass vase style whip socket * Wood Whip Socket (black or natural wood) * Skeleton Style Whip Socket

This Gig is very nice for presentation and pleasure showing and with the "Flexi-Shafts", it has a very comfortable ride.

This gig can be made to fit a large range of horses or ponies. It is made and shipped from Pennsylvania directly to you.

Photos represent different looks of this gig.
Price: $3900.00